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ChatGPT and Beyond: How Developers Are Using AI Tools

AI-based programming tools are revolutionizing software development. From expediting manual and repetitive tasks to jump-starting the first draft of new code, AI tool use is poised to turbocharge the software development process, taking speed, efficiency and accuracy to new levels.   Industries from medical testing and diagnosis to manufacturing and agriculture are using AI tools […]

IT Certifications That Help You Stand Out Even in an Industry Downturn

Why Pursue a Certification? Even with the current downturn in IT, companies are still struggling to find the right talent to keep their strategies on track. Increasingly, IT hiring managers are looking to close their skills gap by hiring candidates with the right certifications. What do high-value IT certifications tell a potential employer? They say […]

a snapshot of top tech jobs in Washington for May 2023

Tech Jobs Snapshot – May

What technology jobs are in demand? Who’s hiring? What skills do you need to be successful? Check out the monthly tech jobs snapshot. (opens in a new window) View the text version here. (opens in a new window)

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The Promises and Perils of AI

News about artificial intelligence is continually swirling around us and its use is settling into our daily routines. ChatGPT, a large language from of AI, is now being used by the average person as commonly as email. Beyond the charming novelty of chatbots, AI has been busy transforming industries as diverse as healthcare and agriculture. […]