News & Announcements for Fall Quarter 2009

Center of Excellence for Information and Computing Technology

News and Announcements for Fall Quarter 2009

CoE for ICT, as an information resource and solutions-provider regarding model educational programs:

  • New Center of Excellence for Information and Computing Technology website launch.
  • Call for content submissions for the new Center of Excellence for IT website.
  • IT/CS Review by Industry Panelists, November – December 2009.  No charge for up to six CTCs.
  • Working Connections Evaluative Data and ROI Report is available for viewing.
  • “I want to be a Computer Systems Software Engineer.” Faculty, industry, current students and graduates: What advice do you have for Mr. Taylor Ciprick?



Welcome to the new Center of Excellence for Information and Computing Technology (CoE for ICT) website!

When it was determined the website was due for a “refresh”, the two website designers posed a series of questions so we could define what the new website should look like. What was its purpose?  Why is this website important?  Who is the primary audience?  (As it turned out, the answer is “educators”, but it was nice to reaffirm this.) They were all excellent, thoughtful questions. This is a summary of the answers, the reasons why the website developed into what it is, and why.

In considering the purpose of the CoE for ICT website, a number of answers came to mind.  We wanted to keep our educators and students aware and apprised of the ICT activities and events we offer so they have the opportunity to attend.  The CoE for ICT is a resource for all of our community and technical college (CTC) educators and subsequently, students.  While it happens to be housed at Bellevue College, the Center’s priority is to serve all of our state’s CTCs. The new URL is

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Call for content submissions for the new Center of Excellence (CoE) for IT website (Target Launch Date: August 2009). a depiction of a highway sign with words: Careers, Achievers, Solutions, Success and Motivation

The CoE for IT is in the process of redesigning its website.  One of the goals is to make the website more interactive and create an online community for educators, industry and students.  A new component will be dependent upon contributions from educators, industry and students.  In addition to questionnaires, poll, and surveys that all site visitors can respond to, everyone will have an opportunity to participate in online discussions with colleagues and with the three different community forums.

We will publish one submission a month in each category, (listed below).  There is no limit on the number of submissions an author wants to send in.  Word count should not exceed 1,000 words. A small fiscal compensation will be awarded to the author of the selected submission in each category.


We are looking for the following contributions

1. An IT CTC Educator’s Opinion:  “I’m Taking the Podium”

Contribute an editorial on IT technology education, issues, new products and services, etc.  One editorial will be selected each month.

2. IT Educator’s Innovative Curriculum

We are will be publishing one monthly example of innovative curriculum, best practices, from a Washington State CTC IT faculty member.  Submissions can include a PPT presentation, a document, video, etc.

3. An IT Industry Professional’s Opinion

Contribute an editorial on the current state of your industry, new IT emerging technologies, workforce demand, IT industry trends, technical knowledge and skills needed by today’s IT graduates, etc.  One editorial will be selected each month.

4. A K-12 IT Educator’s Opinion:  “I’m Taking the Podium”

Contribute an editorial on IT technology education, issues, new products and services, etc., as it impacts pre-college students/education. One editorial will be selected each month.

5. Student in the Spotlight

Each month the Center will select a Washington State IT student or graduate who exemplifies how our educational system is a leader in IT education.  The student could be a graduate looking for a job, a student who has created a innovative IT –related product or service, or a post-graduate IT professional who shares career experiences, advice, or is looking for a CTC graduate to fill a job in her/his company.

Nominate a student for our CoE for IT Spotlight (include the following information):

  • Name
  • Educational Institution name
  • Why are you nominating this particular student (current, graduate, or currently employed student)?
  • Please attach a URL, resume, or anything that will help us create a complete profile of the student.
  • Please indicate the student is aware of and approves of this submission. Provide student’s email address for verification.

6. An IT Student’s Opinion

IT students can submit an editorial piece about their IT educational experience, career goals, progress, challenges, triumphs, experiences with new technology, etc.  Faculty and teachers should encourage their students submit an op-editorial, or a non-fiction piece for Center’s web site.

IT/CS Review by Industry Panelist November – December 2009.

No charge for up to six CTCs.  a red keyboard key that reads Access in all capital letters

The Center of Excellence for IT is assembling an IT/CS industry professional panel (up to 30 professionals from multiple program pathways – web programming, programming, networking, systems, database, hardware/software technicians, gaming, etc.) to review up to six state CTC IT/CS programs currently in place.  This service will be offered at no charge to the six participating state CTCs.

The panel will assess alignment of program’s course offerings and curriculum to determine if the programs are currently preparing students to successfully enter the workforce.

  • Upon completion of the industry analysis, the Center will issue a five-page, high level recommendation and plan for action report to each college.  The participant CTC will be required to deliver an action plan for tracking and mentoring purposes within one month after receiving the Center’s report for tracking and mentoring purposes.  The CoE for IT will review action plans and provide feedback and advice to participating CTCs.  Industry professionals will review and provide analysis of progress.
  • Follow-up interviews with participating colleges and timely reporting will assess what action has been taken by CTCs and mentoring will be provided as needed.
  • Evaluations from the colleges will indicate a satisfaction level with the process.
  • The process and reports documenting the process will be disseminated, including specifics related to the return on investment, on the Center’s website, e-newsletter, and at related conferences and events.

Application materials are available on the Center website.  Applications need to be submitted by Monday, November 2, 2009.   The industry panelist’s review of the six colleges scheduled for December 4, 2009.


Logo: Working Connections, IT Faculty Development InstituteThe 11th annual Working Connections IT Faculty Development Institute, August 25-28, 2009 (Tuesday through Friday), was a Success! 

The CoE for ICT located at Bellevue College, hosted the ninth annual Washington State Working Connections IT Faculty Development Institute from August 25th to August 28th, 2009.

The following tracks were offered to faculty participants:

  • Windows 7 (Instructor: Adam Carter, Microsoft)
  • SharePoint: Why Employers Demand Your Students Know It (Instructor: Steve Fox, Microsoft
  • Camtasia Studio, Snagit & Jing (Instructors: Jean Kent, North Seattle Community College emeritus)

The 2009 Institute offered five tracks to participants. The Institute’s 38 came from 14 of the 34 Washington state community and technical colleges, as well as the Puget Sound Skills Center.

The full report, including evaluative data and ROI information, is available at the CoE for ICT website.

I want to be a Computer Systems Software Engineer  silluettes of individuals wearing suits


August 16, 2009

To whom it may Concern:

My name is Taylor Ciprick.  I am a high school dropout, and am 18-years old.  But, I am currently attending a Youth Challenge program.  It is a military-based camp that is teaching me discipline; integrity, courage, honor, and commitment, as well as helping me earn my GED.  This program has its own school four days a week.  The other three days of the week we go to life skills classes.  Because this program is also meant to teach a military lifestyle, we do a lot of military activities, like marching, eating MREs, as well as physical training three times a week.  Every day we get up at 5:00 a.m. and go to bed by 9:00 p.m.

Once I get through this program I will have a letter of recommendation from the adjunct general of the army and one from the Governor.  But, now to the main point of this letter, I am extremely interested in becoming a computer systems software engineer.  I was wondering what I would have to do to be that.  What colleges would be recommended?  What skills would I need?  And, would I have to major in computer science?  Please help me out and give me all the information I will need.  I will be enrolled in this program through December 13, 2009, and then I will be going to whatever college you recommend.

Thank you for your time.

Sincerely, Taylor Ciprick


What advice do you have for Taylor?

Faculty, college students, ICT industry professionals what advice can you offer Mr. Ciprick?  Should he major in computer science?  What classes should he take that will best help him accomplish his career pathway, working towards a career as a computer systems software engineer?  What are the best colleges at the community and technical college-level?  This is your chance to help out Mr. Ciprick. Click here to comment. I want to be a computer systems software engineer…

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