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Tech Trend Focus 2024: Can AI Play a Central Role in Saving a Struggling Planet?

AI is often cast as a menacing technology that has the potential to run amok and take down the human species. In fact, several leading AI pioneers, including Sam Altman of OpenAI and Demis Hassabis of Google DeepMind, have signed a statement (opens in a new window) on the Center for AI Safety‚Äôs website that […]

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Tech Trend Focus 2024: Real-Time 3D Graphics

This is the time of year when tech publications and writers pour forth with opinions about technology trends for the coming year. As AI and cybersecurity take top billing by most tech pundits, we want to give some attention to other technologies that are trending, impacting multiple industries and providing exciting career opportunities. One such […]

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ChatGPT and Beyond: How Developers Are Using AI Tools

AI-based programming tools are revolutionizing software development. From expediting manual and repetitive tasks to jump-starting the first draft of new code, AI tool use is poised to turbocharge the software development process, taking speed, efficiency and accuracy to new levels.   Industries from medical testing and diagnosis to manufacturing and agriculture are using AI tools […]

IT Certifications That Help You Stand Out Even in an Industry Downturn

Why Pursue a Certification? Even with the current downturn in IT, companies are still struggling to find the right talent to keep their strategies on track. Increasingly, IT hiring managers are looking to close their skills gap by hiring candidates with the right certifications. What do high-value IT certifications tell a potential employer? They say […]