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Internship Opportunity: 5G Open Innovation Lab

The 5G Open Innovation Lab (opens in a new window) is seeking a Product Associate Intern. To apply: email resume to by 3/4/22. This is a remote role for 6-8 hours per week with a small monthly stipend. Although some technical know-how is good, this is a product management role so could also be a […]

How can we keep up with ever-changing technology skills?

Skill Standards Help Define Workplace Skills, Knowledge and Performance Expectations For decades we have been hearing industry’s anxious refrain: “The workforce has not acquired the skills we need to compete in an ever-changing world.” The irony is that employers have not been particularly effective at communicating to students and job seekers a set of guidelines […]

a snapshot of top tech jobs in Washington for January 2022

Tech Jobs Snapshot – January

What technology jobs are in demand? Who’s hiring? What skills do you need to be successful? Check out our monthly tech jobs snapshot. (opens in a new window) View the text version here. (opens in a new window)  

three women discussing a project they are working on at a table in an industrial office.

New – IT Program Guide

Do you want to start or build your career in technology? As technology jobs continue to grow in demand across Washington, our colleges offer education and hands-on training in software development, IT support, systems administration, cybersecurity, website design, and many more fast-growing fields. Washington’s community and technical colleges offer smaller class sizes, flexible scheduling, lower […]