Internship Opportunity: 5G Open Innovation Lab

The 5G Open Innovation Lab (opens in a new window) is seeking a Product Associate Intern.

To apply: email resume to by 3/4/22.

This is a remote role for 6-8 hours per week with a small monthly stipend. Although some technical know-how is good, this is a product management role so could also be a good fit for a student in business, marketing, design, etc.

Some responsibilities will include:

  • Uploading data
  • Implementing design and User Experience
  • Working with Test Users to Further Iterate the Product
  • Executing on Product Feature Roadmap

Skills & Qualities:

  • Ability to build basic databases using excel. We’re using a platform called Airtable, that is a nicer version of excel for these data bases.
  • Ability to think of connecting data within databases to each other, or good data logic skills.
  • Ability to trouble shoot platform issues, after being able to learn how to use the no code platforms.
  • Ability to sit with customers, gather / understand product feedback, and can be creative with product feedback to find ways to implement it into the product.
  • Ability to document processes when building the product.
  • Looking for associates that are ready to roll sleeves up and focus on the tactical process.

Technologies and Tools:

To apply: email resume to by 3/4/22.